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MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI is a non-invasive and painless procedure that is used for diagnostic radiological imaging.

It uses a magnetic field and radio frequency waves to create data which is transformed into diagnostic images by a complex computer system. No radiation is involved and MR imaging is safe for children and pregnant women.

The MRI gives information about the internal structures of the body with more sensitive soft tissue characterisation as compared to other imaging modalities like x-rays, ultrasound or CT.

It is used for the imaging of: The brain, spinal cord, chest, abdomen, pelvis, joints, breast, heart and vessels. For this reason, your doctor may request an MRI study even though you may have had other imaging tests already.

Offered At: 

N1 City Netcare Hospital
Kuilsriver Netcare Hospital