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When it comes to planning exciting trips abroad, getting a visa often means handling various requirements, including medical tests like chest X-rays. As a South African traveller, these tests aren’t just paperwork; they’re about ensuring you and others stay healthy, both here and in the country you’re visiting.

Why do you need a chest X-ray for a visa?

Think of it as a precautionary measure—a chest X-ray helps spot contagious diseases, especially tuberculosis (TB). South Africa, just like you, wants to make sure everyone stays healthy. So, before you embark on your journey abroad, certain visas might need you to get a chest X-ray.

What visas might require a chest X-ray?

Visas that involve spending more time in another country often ask for a chest X-ray. Consider these examples:

  1. Work Visas: If you’re heading overseas for work for an extended period, a chest X-ray might be on the checklist. So, the goal is to kick off your fresh gig, ensuring you’re not bringing any health hazards along.
  2. Study Visas: Planning to study abroad for a while? You might need to get a chest X-ray, just to make sure we’re keeping the campus healthy for students like you.
  3. Residence Permits: For those looking to settle overseas for the long haul, fulfilling health requirements, including a chest X-ray, is often part of the process.
  4. Specific Temporary Visas: Even short-term visas, like those for volunteer work or exchange programs, might need a chest X-ray to ensure everyone stays healthy during your stay.

What’s involved in getting a chest X-ray?

It’s pretty much a direct process. You head to a certified radiology centre or clinic. Once there, it’s a few minutes of standing or sitting in front of an X-ray machine while they take pictures of your chest. Pros checking out these X-ray snaps make sure they’re up to speed for visa rules.

Where can you get a chest X-ray?

Right here in South Africa, places like Bergman Ross specialise in helping travellers like you meet these health requirements for visas. You can easily set up an appointment or drop by to get all the details about these health assessments.

So, what’s the cost for this going to be?

The cost can vary, but Bergman Ross has it listed as a cash price for 2023 at R1,100.00 and as of 01 January 2024, the new price will be R1,100.00. Knowing this upfront helps you plan your expenses for your visa application.

Wrapping it up

Getting a chest X-ray might seem like a small part of your visa journey, but it’s a big deal for keeping everyone healthy, including yourself. Knowing the why, where, and cost of your visa process not only simplifies things but also saves you stress down the line.

Keep in mind, these health checks aren’t just about ticking off a list—they’re your way of ensuring not only your well-being but also the health of those around you. While the maze of visa paperwork might be a headache, it’s crucial to not overlook your health—it’s your ticket to hassle-free and safe travels abroad.